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Difference vs VS

We have certainly all heard of WordPress (because of your presence here), the most popular CMS on the web. However, while searching on Google for the creation of your site, you discovered that there are two versions of WordPress and you are confused. Don’t panic, this article will help you tell vs

History of WordPress and

WordPress is open source software that makes site creation easy. It is developed and maintained by a large community whose site is This is also where WordPress we download and install on our websites. meanwhile, is a commercial site providing a content creation platform using the WordPress CMS.

Years after WordPress was founded, WordPress co-founder Matt Mullenweb made a point. Many WordPress users wished they didn’t have to deal with all the tasks associated with maintaining WordPress. They just wanted to focus on the content creation aspect. In order to meet this need, he set up the company VS

The main differences between and are as follows.

Web hosting offers several turnkey packages, including a free version. With this free offer, the site in question will display ads that can be removed by switching to a paid offer. Paid versions include additional themes and features depending on the payment level.

WordPress software is free. However, it will be necessary to acquire web hosting from a host where the installation will take place. To the latter, you can optionally add free or paid themes and plugins.

Domain name

The address of a site under the free version of is a subdomain of So the site URL will appear in the form The paid plans offer the possibility of attaching a real domain name.

As part of a self-hosted WordPress, you will also need to acquire a domain name. The purchase can optionally be purchased from its host or another registrar.

Installation of the software

On the offer, no need to download and install WordPress. The platform allows you to focus directly on editing the site without bothering with previous steps.

On a hosted solution, you will first need to download and install WordPress before designing the site. This task is often difficult for beginners. However, you can easily find turnkey WordPress hosting plans.

Website management

On you focus on the content of your site. WordPress.comm takes care of all other tasks.

By installing the WordPress software on your hosting, you have complete management of your site. Whether it’s publishing content, updating plugins and themes, or maintaining and updating tasks, it’s all up to you.

Themes and plugins

Another important difference between and is the number of themes and plugins available. Whether for themes and plugins, limits the number available. The available themes are those developed by WordPress.
The open source version of WordPress gives access to a wide range of WordPress themes and plugins, both paid and free. Thus, offers ultra customization of WordPress sites.