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How to host your WordPress website? How can you choose the right hosting for your WordPress website? Everything you need to know and more!

How to host your WordPress site

WordPress web hosting

Because the sustainability of a WordPress website automatically depends on the right choice of its WordPress hosting, you will find on this page how to choose the right WordPress web hosting according to your needs in Morocco.

WordPress installation

Whether this is a manual installation or an installation performed using an auto-install tool, the tutorial in this article describes the entire process of installing WordPress. Now this WordPress installation will be done easily.

Secure your website

As an important aspect of any website, and any WordPress web site in particular, security should not be neglected. On this page, you will discover the actions to take in order to be safe from numerous hacking operations.


What good would do the best web sites with impeccable design and content be if the internet users do not know this web site’s existence. In this article, we therefore explain the essentials of basic SEO to have better visibility for your WordPress site.


If you are no longer happy with your current WordPress web hosting or if you want to duplicate your current website. This article explains the process and steps to follow to migrate your site smoothly and easily like a web professional.

WordPress Multi-site

In this article, you will find the essentials to know about a WordPress multi-site. This is an advanced option in WordPress that greatly facilitates the management of multiple WordPress sites through a centralized web interface.