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Free WordPress resume themes

Free wordpress resume themes

Are you looking for a free WordPress resume themes?
A site for your resume will allow you to gain visibility and give value to your professional profile. Likewise, your site will be the subject of an easily accessible resource to which you can easily redirect your contacts and potential recruiters. Thanks to the WordPress resume theme you have chosen, you can easily and quickly design your online resume site. You will not need any technical knowledge.

In order to use these themes, you will first need a domain name, a good WordPress hosting. If your web hosting does not include preinstalled WordPress, you can follow our article on installing WordPress to do so. When everything is ready, you can choose one of the themes from our selection to mark your audience.

Free resume WordPress Themes


Astra is a great general purpose WordPress theme. It offers a wide variety of templates for photographers, financial advisors, designers, and more. Its responsive design gives it a beautiful look regardless of the medium on which it is presented. Its paid version offers more models and updates.


OceanWP is also a general purpose WordPress theme, also intended for personal resumes and blogs. This is a very popular theme thanks in part to its flexibility and compatibility with all popular page builder plugins. Likewise, it can be translated into several languages.


If you want a minimalist design with no features and superfluous additions, Resumee theme is for you. This theme emphasizes simplicity and is very easy to use. You can even use it as a minimalist blog theme.


This free WordPress theme is specially designed for resume website design. It offers several models to choose from as well as an unlimited choice of colors. On the other hand, this theme has two sections, the left section for the social media menu and the right one contains the user’s contact details. The paid version provides more templates and other features.


Another free resume WordPress theme with a clean and professional design. It is suitable for personal blogs, resumes and portfolios. Its paid version offers additional features such as logo customization. It works with a minimum configuration that can be extended through plugins.


It is a model intended for professionals in the art world: designers, illustrators or designers. It allows you to easily present your works in a modern design style. This WordPress theme offers several models with different and varied styles. Haar also includes templates for stores to easily switch from a resume to an online store.