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Free WordPress SEO plugin

Free WordPress SEO plugin

Find in our selection below, the free SEO plugin for your WordPress. Make sure to always check the version of WordPress compatible with the plugin. If necessary, you will have to update your WordPress.

The importance of a WordPress SEO plugin

Our article on WordPress SEO brings together the basic actions you can take to improve the SEO of your WordPress, such as choosing a good web hosting plan. Among these actions, some will be more easily implemented using a plugin. You will choose a plugin based on the features it offers, including:

  • Page analysis
  • XML site maps
  • Fixed robots .txt and .htaccess files
  • The breadcrumb trail
  • Integration on social networks

The best free WordPress SEO plugins

WordPress SEO par Yoast

WordPress SEO by Yoast is one of the best known and most used plugins. It is quite complete and practical. Depending on the keyword you have specified, it analyzes your publication (URL, title, description, etc.), and informs you of any improvements to be made. It includes a Meta value for the home page and various publications, the edition of Robot.txt and the .htaccess file, breadcrumbs and many other features. We strongly advise you to test it.


It has a very good rating. It aims in particular to optimize a WordPress site by offering different functionalities. Among the latter, we can cite the optimization of SEO, the improvement of shares on social networks, the management of redirects, the construction of sitemaps. It also includes Google Analytics, content analysis. Its installation wizard will allow you to quickly configure your site.

All in One SEO Pack

This free WordPress SEO plugin also offers very useful features for the SEO of your site. Although it offers less functionality than WordPress SEO, it makes it easier to optimize your site. It also includes read Google Analytics support and integrates very well with e-commerce sites. Likewise, its duplicate content highlighter comes in very handy as well as its Meta tag generator.

SEO by SQuirrly

This SEO plugin allows you to focus on the SEO of the content and keywords of your publications. It offers as functionalities, keyword search and analysis, content quality indicators, SEO audit report. In addition, on account of its high level of compatibility, it allows you to enhance other more complete plugins.


These different SEO plugins for WordPress are better suited for one purpose than another. Make sure to carefully analyze your need before opting for one of these plugins.