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WordPress SEO

Wordpress seo

WordPress site’s SEO

Have you uploaded your WordPress site, but find that you have no visitors or very few visitors? The most obvious reason for this is that you haven’t work on your WordPress site’s SEO.

People access to your WordPress site in three ways. They visit it directly by entering your site’s URL directly into their browser. However, they need to know your site to be able to use your URL. They can also get to it from another website that posted a link to your website. But generally, a site will make these links only if it considers the site reliable or has some notoriety. However, for a new site, it would be better to rely on the third method of access, that is, the search in a search engine like Google. Hence the importance of working on your WordPress website’s SEO.

Types of SEO

We distinguish between two types of Search Engine. The natural and the paid.

  • Search Engine Advertising (SEA) :
    This model is like advertising. The objective is to position your ads in the first results of search engines by using the purchase of sponsored links. This kind of SEO is ideal for an on-court business strategy, such as a promotion.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) :
    SEO, on the other hand, brings together all the techniques to position a website in the best search engine results during keyword research. Thus, each search engine uses algorithms to determine whether one site or another is the most relevant result of a search. Therefore, SEO is all about aligning with the requirements of your algorithm.

It is important to understand that a site must optimize its SEO referencing in order to increase its visibility, therefore ensuring the sustainability of the site.

SEO’s main requirements:

The important points on which search engines rely to rank sites, regardless of the design technology used, are:

  • The quality of the web hosting plan. Search engines rank better for websites whose pages load quickly. It is therefore necessary to choose well your web hosting.
  • The quality of the content. It is also an important norm in terms of semantic richness and syntactic and grammatical quality. Likewise, the frequency of content renewal is taken into account by the bots.
  • The notoriety of the site. The more popular a site, that is, connected by back-links, the better it will be referenced.
  • Visitor behavior. The longer your visitors stay on your website and visit a lot of pages, the better is the site’s SEO.
  • Website security. Google gives better ranks to sites that use SSL certificate. Therefore, you have the choice between acquiring an SSL certificate for your site or opting for WordPress web hosting with a free and included SSL certificate.

Knowing these points, let’s talk about the actions you need to take in order to have a basic SEO for your website. For a better SEO, you can always get in touch with an expert SEO agency.

How to optimize the SEO of your WordPress site?

Along with choosing the right keywords and regularly posting content on your WordPress site, here is another actions you can take to optimize the SEO of your WordPress site.

  • Choose a good theme.
    A poorly coded theme or one with few SEO configuration options negatively influences your site’s score. So take the time to choose a theme that is properly developed and respects the SEO rules.
  • Get indexed by search engines
    You can activate this option from your dashboard. In Settings> Reading, « Uncheck the box » Ask search engines not to index this site « .
  • Optimize your URLs
    Also called permalinks, they must be intelligible and preferably made up of keywords. Access the Settings> Permalinks menu from your dashboard to modify the structure of your URLs.
  • Install and use the Yoast plugin
    This is the benchmark for SEO optimization for a WordPress site. It will allow you to:
    • Grant access to SEO robots.
    • Create a Sitemap: the structure of your site.
    • Fill in the meta description and the tags of your articles.
    • Add the breadcrumb trail.
    • Optimize your content.
  • Add the site to Google Search Console
    Search Console is a Google tool for website owners that gives you an idea about how Google browses a site. On the other hand, it will tell Google where to find a site’s Sitemap.
  • Make yourself known and generate backlinks
    By creating pages and profiles on different social networks. Likewise, register on professional or thematic directories. Find partners to be recommended. Participate in discussions whether in blogs, forums, social networks. Also, make sure to check the quality of its backlinks.