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Where you can find free WordPress themes?

free WordPress themes

Find a free WordPress themes

You are looking for a free WordPress themes for your website. Please find below a selection of site where you can download free themes. Some sites require prior registration and others just offer personal use themes. In any case, you will certainly find your account.
Of course, it is important to pay attention to the date of the theme’s release and the version of WordPress it supports. In fact, free themes have the disadvantage of not always being up to date or contain security holes. Likewise, make sure to acquire a good WordPress hosting to get the most out of it.

Below, the list in no specific order.

Let’s start with, the official WordPress site, not to be confused with More information on the difference between the two WordPress. There you will find a wide range of themes to download for free.

Here you can download themes for various needs. For a coupon site, for a magazine, a music site, healthcare professionals, a wedding site and many more.


Downloading themes on this site requires creating an account. Thereafter, you will have at your disposal about twenty free themes.


The work of freelance developer Jinson Abraham, you will find various topics, as well as several tips articles to go further.


One of the best free and paid WordPress theme downloads. You will certainly find your happiness there.


II themes to download to meet your needs.


Find a collection of themes for restaurants, e-commerce and more. However, these themes are for personal use only.


Find themes under the GPL license, so completely free and copyright free.