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WordPress web hosting

Wordpress web hosting

Choosing the right WordPress web hosting

You have chosen the WordPress solution for the creation of your website or blog. Now you are looking for an offer that will help your WordPress site succeed and your brand flourish. Web hosting can be a driver of success or a barrier, no matter how good the content is on the site. Hence the importance of choosing the right WordPress hosting, given the multitude of existing offers. We will try in this article to help you best choose your web hosting. or self-hosted WordPress

There are two sub-types of WordPress hosting. and This article explains the difference between and In short, if you are looking for a WordPress hosting that will allow you to quickly focus on your business and delegate administration of your package to the host, is a great fit. However, it imposes a lot of limitations. For example, the inability to add themes other than those offered by WordPress. Likewise, the migration of the WordPress site is quite difficult.

If, on the other hand, you want to have full control over your site, add the extensions and themes you want, it is better to opt for self-managed WordPress hosting. Besides, this kind of hosting comes with other features like email accounts, free domains.

Types of WordPress web hosting

First, let’s take a look at the existing types.

  • WordPress shared hosting. Here, the web host will store your site on the same server with other clients. As a result, the resources are split between the users of the server, which makes it an affordable solution in terms of price. In addition, it is the most used solution.
  • WordPress VPS Hosting. In this case of hosting, a server is still shared by several users but to a very small number. With shared hosting, thousands of users use a single server, while around fifty VPS servers are hosted on a single server. On the other hand, the separation between user environments is more robust. No matter what happens on VPS neighboring yours, your VPS will not be affected unlike shared hosting.
  • WordPress dedicated hosting. As the name suggests, the user is entitled to a server assigned for his sole use. All server resources are assigned to it. This is a fairly expensive hosting solution since all aspects of the server are the responsibility of the user alone.

If you want detailed information on the types of web hosting, please visit this web hosting site.

Qualities of a good web hosting

We are not going to do a price or web host comparison, as there are too many web hosts to compare. Likewise, each site has different needs. Rather, we will focus on the features to look for in a good web hosting.

  • Responsive, competent and friendly support. Very important criterion whose value is appreciated in the event of a problem or incident with its hosting package. Likewise, if you are a beginner, a friendly support team can give you tips on how to easily manage the plan you choose.
  • Emphasis on safety. Every day cyber attacks wreak havoc on websites. In addition, WordPress is the subject of numerous hackers. So choose a plan where security is essential.
  • Fast web hosting. Web hosts employ different techniques to speed up the loading of web pages. Especially the use of SSD drives. You can even opt for a VPS SSD server especially if it is an e-commerce site.
  • Available web hosting. What would the best of websites be if it is not accessible to internet users. Good web hosting offers a very high uptime.
  • Intuitive installation and management interface. Important criterion especially for the less experienced, especially if you do not want to use support all the time.

Ultimately, take opinions. Contact web hosts for more information. The sustainability of your WordPress site is at stake.